How To Write Your Vows: Giving Voice To What Is Deep In Your Heart heftetEngelsk, 2017


Brides and grooms often tell me that they would like to write their own vows, but they're not sure how to go about writing them. While I can't tell you exactly how to write your own vows, I can help you focus on your love and life together - and in so doing find the words that echo what's in your heart.This book is not a "vow guide for dummies." Rather, it's an invitation to slow down, create time and retreat into your heart as you consider why you're promising what you're promising to your partner in this crazy world of ours. Part One I invite you to consider who is the "I" that is saying "I Do" because in order for you to exchange authentic vows, you have to have a sense of who you are at this point in your life. There has to be an "I" in your "I do."Part Two I outline the four main options you have for composing your vows.Part Three I offer you tips for how to write and say your vows.Part Four I share my insights and reflections on what it means to make a vow to another person. Part Five The chapter consists of twenty-five of my favorite quotes about love, companionship and marriage. Based on each quote, I pose questions to get you thinking about the particulars of your love and commitment for your partner. I hope you find these quotes and their accompanying questions inspiring.Part Six I share the memory of one of my all time favorite couples - a couple that I think embodies what vows are all about.Bonus Chapters Offer samplings of traditional vows as well as words you can say as you exchange rings, which is the sealing of your vows.Postscript I remind you of THE most important gift you can give each other - the gift that will keep vibrant all that you're vowing to each other.I hope you read this book at the beginning of your wedding planning, before the madness sets in. I also hope you read it at various times during your planning, so as to remind yourself what it is you and your partner are celebrating.I'm always honored when a couple invites me to bear witness as they give their word to each other - as they enter into the mystery of life and love. It is such an intimate moment. I'm in awe of the generosity and courage, the hope and faith people show in that moment of giving - of giving their word, which is their life to each other. Now I'm delighted to help you find the words that give voice to the deepest aspirations of your hearts and minds and bodies