How To Write Winning Non Fiction heftetEngelsk, 2010


This is a non-fiction writing coach in your pocket...Getting published is now easier than ever but the fundamental things that distinguish winning non-fiction from the pulp have never been more important. If you're serious about writing a high-quality non-fiction book, getting it published and making it commercially successful then this book treats you to a masterclass that covers all you need to know about creating, crafting, writing and pitching your next bestseller. When you read this book you will learn...what every non-fiction book needs to be successful; how to get a good idea and how to turn it into a winning idea; why so many books get started but not finished; how to plan your book so writing it is fast, painless and easy; alternative publishing options and when you should pursue them; how to pitch your book to mainstream publishers; what happens from proposal to acceptance, to contract and beyond; how to devise a winning title for your non-fiction book; the mechanics for writing a book and meeting your obligations; and, when to get in outside help and how to find it.Using real-life pitches, proposals, reviewer feedback, extensive links and even an entire sample contract, Suzan delivers in straight, honest terms what you need to do to succeed.