How to Pose Any Body: Group Portraits from 2-100 heftetEngelsk, 2022


Contrary to what many believe, the most important component of success for portrait photography is not the camera, the lights, the reflectors, or the post-processing software. Nope. The most important skill is knowing how to work with people. Connecting with your subjects in order to elicit natural expressions, knowing the developmental stages of children, understanding how to navigate all kinds of human insecurities, and making your subjects feel amazing in front of the camera--these are all critical skills every portrait photographer needs to possess. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to pose groups of people--in any situation, with any body type, and in any combination--is what truly separates the professional portrait photographer from the masses.

In How to Pose Any Body: Posing Groups of 2-100, Michele Celentano--celebrated portrait photographer, author, and Canon Explorer of Light--teaches you everything you need to know in order to make anyone in front of your lens--and any group--look their absolute best. First, Michele starts by breaking down every body type for both males and females (importantly, she features "normal people" rather than supermodels for this). Next, Michele shows you how to pose those body types, then how to put varying body types together to create great group shots that seem effortless. In this book, you'll learn:

-To identify both female body types (such as apple, pear, hourglass, and spoon) and male body types (such as inverted triangle, oval, and rectangle)

-What poses work best for which body types

-How to fit all the "puzzle pieces" together in order to build group portraits

-How to build group portraits of 2-100 people, with specific chapters covering groups of 2-10

-All the different standing poses, as well as poses where the subjects sit on the ground or use chairs (with and without arms), benches, posing stools, and other props

-What equipment Michele uses regarding camera, lens, tripod, and lighting choices

If the idea of a "group portrait" strikes just a bit (or more ) of fear and anxiety into your heart, How to Pose Any Body is the book you need. By the end of the book, you'll be able to confidently enter any group portrait situation, equipped with the knowledge to identify every subject's body type, then quickly, efficiently, and confidently pose that group in a shot that your subjects will love.