How to Meditate: 2 Books in 1: How I Stopped Doubting Meditation and Discovered Quick Routine for a Successful Life for Myself and My K heftetEngelsk, 2019


Do you want to meditate and also get your kids to meditate but confused with the plethora of information and unexplained jargon? Do you struggle with techniques that request postures that do not suit you? Have you tried meditation in the past but had no success? If so, keep reading.

Do you know that there is nothing religious about meditation and you do not have to chant anything? In fact, this is a scientifically proven technique widely used in psychology since the 1970s to address depression, stress, anxiety and also addictions. The book divides meditation into easy to understand and practical steps, so the preparation hard work is already done and all you have to do is add this book to your cart/basket.

Please note: there are two books in 1 book binding

Book 1: How to Meditate: How I stopped doubting meditation, applied simple steps and discovered a 10 minute routine to a successful life
Book 2: Mindful Kids: 40 Fun and Beautiful activities to increase awareness, focus and calm oneself (Focus Series)

In the first book, you will discover -
  • How your myths on benefits of meditation are broken.
  • Who should meditate, Why anyone should meditate and When to meditate in simple and easy to understand words.
  • How you can use free tools to assess your stress, anxiety or depression levels?
  • Would you like pre-worked examples of 16 different ideas with an explanation of the time slots to meditate?
  • Why the long term benefits outweigh the short term feelings?
  • Why preparation is a must have one-time setup in 3 easy to understand steps and what preparations are necessary?

In the second book, you will discover 40 short yet engaging and fun activities that have a powerful positive impact on children to start practicing meditation. If your kid does not find a practice pleasant enough, don't worry, as the book contains 40 different exercises to try. You can use a combination of them as well.

The critical aspect of getting your kid engaged to practice meditation is to -
  • Firstly lead them by an example and
  • Secondly to use bite-sized activities to get them started.

If you already meditate then, that's good that you have taken the first and most important step already and instead of buying this bundle then you can buy the book 2 and save money. If you do not meditate or find it hard using other techniques then this book bundle gives you the perfect combination that your family ever needs when it comes to meditation.

Most of the time our mind is moving from the past to the present to the future making it hard to focus one thing that is most important - the present. This causes frustration and stress. The technique discussed in this book allows you to be in the present so, even if your mind wanders, you become aware of it and are able to bring it back to the present gently.

Even if you have tried meditation in the past but had no success, don't worry. I have gone through the same process and I understand exactly how you feel. This book will motivate you to take the step that drives you to a calmer mind.

Give yourself and your kid a chance to take up the motto 'Be mindful and be successful.'.

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