Houston Atlas of Biodiversity heftetEngelsk, 2007


The Houston metroplex and 24 surrounding counties possess striking natural beauty, unique biodiversity, and globally important ecological resources. With lively, engaging text and vivid color photographs and illustrations throughout, the ""Houston Atlas of Biodiversity"" highlights the variety, cultural importance, and global value of the natural environment found within the Houston Wilderness project area. Written by a consortium of authors in conjunction with the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) and Houston Wilderness, the ""Houston Atlas of Biodiversity"" focuses on habitats, animal and plant communities, and broad multi-county ecoregions. It demonstrates how local parks and preserves are part of an interconnected, diverse natural world that transcends traditional city or county jurisdictions. The atlas details each of the ten ecoregions in the Houston Wilderness area: Bayou Wilderness, Big Thicket, Coastal Marshes, Coastal Prairies, Columbia Bottomlands, Estuaries and Bays, Gulf of Mexico, Piney Woods, and Trinity Bottomlands. Special attention is taken to portray these ecological treasures engagingly and accurately, gently encouraging the reader toward a sense of pride and appreciation. The book is laced with stunning photography of places both familiar and unknown throughout the region and filled with detailed ecoregion maps. ""The Houston Atlas of Biodiversity"" is truly a one-of-a-kind publication that will alert the reader to the magnificent ecological treasures of the Houston Wilderness region.