High School Band Composition Book (6): High School Band Notebook; High School Band Journal; High School Band Log Book: Wide Ruled Lined; 135 Sheets/27 heftetEngelsk, 2018


You will ROCK Back to School with this "GOAT" High School Band Composition Book This delightful Notebook/Composition Book will give you a great start to the new school year. In this book you will have: * Wide ruled lined 135 sheets/270 pages * Full Colour Glossy Cover: no fingerprints * 7.44 x 9.96 inches/standard composition size. This size accommodates printing and handwriting practise while being compact and portable, easily fitting into backpacks. This Composition/Notebook is suitable for: * Composing * Note taking and Homework * Journal and/or Diary * School Planner * Scheduling * School memories and keepsakes * As a Gift: Back to School, Birthday, Gift Baskets, or Any Occasion. The possibilities are unlimited Pick up a copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page.