Heart Beats heftetEngelsk, 2018


I lived for the rock and roll lifestyle. She didn't belong in my world...At the age of four, I held my first set of drumsticks. I was hooked. All I ever wanted to do was beat out a rhythm. By the time I was thirteen, I was obsessed with becoming famous. By the time I was twenty-one, Razor's Edge was a household name. I was the rock star I'd always dreamed of. I was living the dream: fast cars, and faster women. I was hooked on what turned out to be an illusion. Yes, I was famous. Yes, I was rich. Yet no one told me I would ever be this unhappy. Drugs, booze, and women became my vice. I was on a path to destruction, counted more visits to rehab than beats I could tap out on a drum. I was trapped in a world I couldn't escape. But from my darkest days emerged a shining light. Will her light be bright enough to survive my hell, or will my darkness kill the only happiness I've ever found?