Healing With Crystals innbundetEngelsk, 2014


This is a concise guide to using crystals for health, harmony and happiness, shown in over 150 photographs. It shows you how to use crystals for increased energy or relaxation, and improved powers of concentration. You can discover how crystals can work with the body's powerful chakra system. There are simple visualization techniques and exercises to introduce you to the art of crystal meditation. It also covers healing placements to help treat a variety of conditions, such as muscular aches and pains, stress and headaches. The ancient traditions of crystal healing are undergoing a revival, and this handy guide explains how they can bring real benefits and lasting changes to our modern lives. The first part of the book allows you to learn how to choose, care for and wear your gems, how the shade of a crystal indicates its main energy function, and how to balance the chakras using crystals. The second section suggests how to use crystals to relieve pain, aid restful sleep and release stress, as well as how to place crystals around the home or office to enhance your surroundings, and bring a balancing and cleansing influence to your environment.