From Frozen In Hilarious Panic To The Warmth of Divine Love and Gratitude heftetEngelsk, 2019


New Edition has Foreword by Brother David Steindl-Rast. How does one survive war, physical and emotional trauma resulting in what is now known as PTSD, and all the detours life throws at you and thrive? Follow this true life story of survival filled with Music and Spirituality via the Intimate Portrait of Poetic Verse by Isolde Gabrielle Amadeah. Her life was shaped as a Child of War in Europe and growing up with chaos and instability, along with PTSD (which wasn't identified until many decades later). We go on her journey from Europe to California of trying to find that balance of family, marriage, and working as a musician through Performances, Travel, Philosophy, St. Benedict, Wisdom, and Faith. And how Prayer, Meditation, Angel Therapy, and identifying the trigger points of her PTSD have allowed her to always rise above all the challenges of life. From Isolde: My wish to all who read this book is that you are inspired in some way to augment and validate the precious Gift that is You. I simply know that God had a plan, and his Angels too; so, if this book has found you, smile, receive the abundance of Blessings, as you read every step on this path. Thank you, Deo gratias.