Forbidden Fantasies: Lulu heftetEngelsk, 2016


Oscar is a struggling, freelance photographer, trapped in a loveless and sexless marriage. Everything about his mundane life changes completely when gorgeous Lulu (a young, aspiring, teenage model) and her parents buy the house next door. Lulu is an exhibitionist at heart, and she targets Oscar with her infinite ability to tease. The only problem is that Lulu's teasing games became progressively more dangerous. A unique relationship forms between them - right behind Oscar's wife's back - and right under the noses of her parents (and her father is a very tough, movie 'stuntman', who poses a physical threat to any of Lulu's male suitors). Big trouble is soon to follow. There are 13 chapters and an epilogue in this book - with plenty of sexy action in each and every chapter. You'll have fun reading this