Flirting with Felicity heftetEngelsk, 2015


Felicity Wright never expected to inherit the hotel where she works as head chef. But now, she ll do anything to keep the Bancroft Hotel operating even if that means mixing it up with the late owner s handsome nephew, Blake Bancroft. He s here to challenge her unexpected inheritance of the Bancroft Hotel, and there s no way either of them are walking away without a fight.

When his uncle wills away his family s oldest property, Blake Bancroft cooks up a plan to get it back. To check out his competition, he ll need to check in. Too bad his first encounter with Felicity proves to be anything but smooth. As their battle over ownership begins, things begin to heat up between them and not just in the kitchen. Their attraction may be a recipe for disaster. Yet with the right ingredients, it could turn into a recipe for love

In her debut contemporary romance, award-winning historical romance author Gerri Russell whips up a sweet, passionate, and unforgettably delectable story."