Everyday Money for Everyday People heftetEngelsk, 2013


The Powerful, Practical Money Guide for Anybody and Everybody Ready to Swap Financial Insecurity for Financial Stability AND Success.LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK? CHECK THIS OUT: Everyday Money for Everyday People stands on the shoulders of the great American tradition begun more than three centuries ago with Poor Richard's Almanac.After facilitating nearly a thousand workshops on the fundamentals of effective money management over the past decade, Todd Christensen based his first book, Everyday Money for Everyday People, on the discussions, tips, stories and ideas shared by the thousands of individuals and couples in attendance. It's a financial guidebook of the people, by the people, and for the people.This book is based on what works for everyday people. Saving is a commitment, not an amount Inside you'll find: -Day-to-day money topics-Dos for building financial stability-Don'ts for minimizing financial stress-Steps to breaking out of the paycheck-to-paycheck spiral-Scores of inspirational financial quotes, stories and illustrations for you to live