Europe on a Dime: Five-Star Travel on a One-Star Budget: The Tightwad Way to Go heftetEngelsk, 2012


UPDATED in 2017 Fly for free and sleep for cheap. Spend less than you thought possible for five-star travel on a one-star budget. Pearson shows you how. Travel guru Arthur Frommer calls Dru Pearson's writing "delightful," and he believes her blog essays, ..".provide a strong confirmation of the advice I offered in a recent post...." Arthur Frommer and Dru Pearson seem to think alike. Both know that apartment rentals are vacation money-savers for everyone. Dru also thinks that Baby Boomers, especially, crave five-star luxury on a one-star budget. The hostels they frequented in their 20s won't do any more. They want en suite bathrooms, not a shower room down the hall, and a suitcase on wheels, not a pack on their backs. Yet, in these difficult economic times, there is not a single book that tells this largest demographic in American history exactly how to travel Europe in a systematic way designed to maximize enjoyment while minimizing cost. Until now. Dru Pearson's book for the over-45 crowd--although travelers of any age can save money using her advice--teaches a step-by-step approach to comfortable, independent travel for under $98 a day. Unlike other guidebooks about Europe, there are no itinerary, accommodation, or restaurant suggestions. What Dru supplies, instead, is far more valuable. She shows you exactly how to plan a trip using public transportation, rental apartments, and food markets. Using her approach, a couple can travel independently in any country for under, and sometimes well under depending on the country, $98 a day per person. If you thought the only alternative to backpacking Europe was an expensive organized tour, think again. In Europe on a Dime you will find out how to how to fly to Europe for free, rent your own spacious apartment for less than the price of a private hostel room, pay half-price for train tickets, and buy the most delectable meals for a fraction of a restaurant's price. So, don't worry if your backpack is getting moldy in the attic. You won't need it any more. You won't have to settle for an expensive organized tour that charges $200-800 a day either. All you will need is this book which will teach you everything you need to know so you can travel frugally and comfortably anywhere in Europe.