Etat, C'Est Quoi? Staatsgewalt Im Wandel: 54. Assistententagung Offentliches Recht heftetTysk, 2015


In a multi-polar arena of complex national and international interests the State is in transition from an undisputed sovereign in economic, political and social affairs towards an actor amongst others. The State thereby is increasingly confronted with new tasks, fields and distribution of competences and new models of standard-setting. This raises various questions with regard to the legal framework of Statehood and the character of state actions. In this respect it is to ask whether law can provide answers to these challenges. The fourteen contributions in this volume try to assess and analyse in-depth the blurring of State sovereignty, the transformation of normativity, the changing landscape of stakeholders and the fragmentation of institutional orders. It thus provides for a comprehensive and insightful overview in light of current debates on the transition from forms of government to forms of governance taking various perspectives ranging from doctrinal theory of the State to case-studies in administrative law. Contributions: Helmut Philipp Aust (Berlin), Maria Bertel (Innsbruck), Dominik Elser (Bern), Jasper Finke (Hamburg), Rike U. Kramer (London), Malte Kroger (Hamburg), Elmar Kruger (Osnabruck), Claudia Wutscher (Wien), Anna Mrozek (Leipzig), Hannes Rathke (Berlin/Heidelberg), Philipp Reimer (Freiburg), Vanessa Ruegger (Basel), Roya Sangi (Hamburg), and Dominik Steiger (Berlin).