Egyptian Heiroglyphs Address Book heftetEngelsk, 2015


This book is part of a matching SIMPLEBOOKS(TM) Collection by the Masonic Press, which includes a matching cover set of: Address Book, Engagement Calendar, Personal Journal, and Pocket Sketchbook.

The books are simplistic in form and have been designed for those users who do not need all of the common filler material often added to address books and calendars. The Address Book is simplified in design to allow the user to personally format the entry. The Engagement Calendar has been specially designed to be used during any year from 2015 to 2034. The Personal Journal is blank lined. The Pocket Sketchbook is blank framed.

The books in the collection are bound, not spiral wire bound, to prevent the tearing of pages.

The SIMPLEBOOKS(TM) Collections make a unique and affordable gift set, whether purchased as a matching collection or a mix-and-match collection. Buy 1, 2, 3, or all 4 books as a gift set.

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