Democracy Hijacked: How Foreign Nations Are Using Our Own Political System Against Us heftetEngelsk, 2013


"You know that powerful political machine that propelled Barack Hussein Obama to power --Obama didn't build that." Foreign nations have found a way to use our own political system against us. The extent of Obama's hidden outsourcing and offshoring connections transferring our professional jobs to foreign workers will surprise and shock most Americans.

What made America so great was our government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Our technology leadership and economic success sprang from our government being responsive and accountable to citizens. Americans built a nation that rewarded hard work and innovation. So why is America struggling now? Sadly, our representatives are not representing us. They pass laws that let foreign workers take our jobs right here in our own country; and, they give American corporations tax incentives to offshore to foreign countries. They fail to protect our borders and advocate amnesty for foreigners who break our immigration laws. Our representatives who took an oath to protect us are instead harming Americans.

Based on years of research, Democracy Hijacked tracks foreign tampering with our elections and political processes back to the Nixon Administration normalizing trade relations with communist China -- laying the groundwork for offshoring manufacturing jobs. What is more, most Americans do not know how foreign nations manipulate our government to obtain foreign student & worker visa legislation, and favorable trade policies for offshoring. BJ tracks H-1B visa legislation, which caused massive losses of our professional jobs to foreign workers, to the first Bush Administration; and, BJ exposes how it grew worse under each successive administration from Clinton, to Bush2, to Obama.

Can America be great again? That depends on you. Democracy Hijacked will help you see how our nation has gotten off track. It is time for Americans to wake up and take our country back before it is too late. BJ Williamson has done extensive research that will inform and empower you.