David Hume Abbreviated heftetEngelsk, 2019


Your assignment is to find out more about Scottish philosopher David Hume and the dark nature of philosophy. His writings are 1,200 pages, and your teacher got sucked into the vacuum.Of course, books are fine and all, but there's no use wasting half an afternoon Googling pages. You will then have just spent about a hundred hours reading a quarter of a book, and it seems like there has to be a better way. - What are the major concepts that most philosophers agree on?- What is this in and of itself actually about?- What are the general historical concerns that have influenced Hume?- How do you argue a good position against a critic of your work?- How do you show the strengths and weaknesses of your thinking?- Any obvious, but in theory unexplored topics?- How do you find out who Hume is and why you should care?- How do you bring him up in conversations?Hopefully, all the game of concepts we've been learning will shape our worldviews and help us make sound, rational decisions. Anything else, remember, there are about fifty gods and two that are useful. For other things that may be confusing, consult philosophy.