Dark Psychology 101: Guide for Beginners to Learn the basic Secrets and Techniques to Influence People. Use Persuasion, Manipulation and Em heftetEngelsk, 2019


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Have you ever wondered how to have people around you putting your desires as their main priority? Have you ever wished to have people help in order to get what you really want? Than keep reading...

Human life is driven by what we secretly, privately desire most. I am talking about the main desire that all of us keep secret to the rest of the world. This is usually the last thing we think about before going to sleep as well as the first thing we have in our mind just after waking up.

However, people live an entire life without getting it. And the main reason is they don't know how to make their dream come true. So they lose confidence day by day till they forget their desire.

I know it sounds very bad but the problem is we are not committed enough and we give up as soon as we meet the first obstacle.

Some people think it's just a matter of commitment. They say "If I work hard, facing any kind of problems, I will achieve my goal." I am sorry to tell you this is not enough. And the reason is that we need other people help quite often.

So being able to create and manage good and proficient relationships is the turning point.

Even if this could sound reasonable for you, in my life I found two main mistakes people make. The first is to believe that influence and manipulation are bad techniques. The second mistake is to look at them as very difficult skills to be learnt. The latter is due to the fact those are unknown subjects to the majority of the people.

Few years ago I had the same thoughts.

So now you might be thinking "Did it help you"? A lot I changed my life. But don't get me wrong I am not the overpromising guy so I will not tell you I became a millionaire, more beautiful and so on person. My life changed because now I am more confident and I made relevant changes such as quitting my old hated job to become an entrepreneur. I run a 6 figure small company with a team of 5 people and I know they will do their best to the success of my company. Why? Because I got skilled in analyzing and influencing people.

So now I would like to share my knowledge with you. In this book you will get three main benefits:

  • The essential background and knowledge about dark psychology you need to get started on this field
  • The three variables of your powerful triangle to make your dreams come true
  • 8 actionable methods to make others your soldiers plus a practicable approach to find out if you are born with a very important gift

You might be thinking "Can I make this book work for me?" Even if you are in the most troubled and complicated situation you will find here something for you.

Don't worry, I will not just tell you to do something, I provide to you a practical approach that can help you.

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