Computer Equity in Math and Science pocketEngelsk, 1991


Computer Equity in Math and Science, the second of the three National Science Foundation-funded computer equity publications, is a workshop guide for mathematics and science educators at all grade levels after they have had the first workshop, What Is Computer Equity? Other educators may find the workshop activities relevant to their concerns as well. Research has shown that many girls do not continue with mathematics and science past the required courses in high school. As a result, only 29 percent of mathematicians are women, and only 23 percent of natural scientists are women. As the fields of mathematics and science become increasingly dependent on computers, girls' computer avoidance can only make these figures more unbalanced than they already are. For use by a trainer or staff developer, the workshop guide includes these activities: learning about the underrepresentation of girls and women in mathematics and science study and careers, hands-on activities to identify sex- biased software and to learn how to use even sex-neutral software equitably, and activities to ensure that teachers, parents, and peers support girls' computer involvement. Templates and resource sections are included. This workshop requires two and three-quarters hours to complete.