Colombia: Bajo Caguan-Caqueta innbundetEngelsk, 2019


In April 2018, a large multidisciplinary team of geologists, biologists, social scientists, and local residents explored the rivers, forests, and human communities around the junction of the Caguan and Caqueta Rivers in the lowland Amazonian department of Caqueta, Colombia. This report describes what is known to date about the region's geology, hydrology, and plant, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal communities, as well as the present-day and historical use of its rich natural resources by human communities. At the heart of the report is a series of recommendations for protecting this extraordinary landscape and the region's natural resources in partnership with local campesino and indigenous residents. The text is in Spanish and English, with executive summaries in two dialects of the indigenous Murui Muina people.