Blank Appointment Book: 6 Columns Appointment Pad, Cute Appointment Books, Undated Appointment Book, Cute Paris & Music Cover heftetEngelsk, 2018


Missed an appointment or lost track of your schedule? We'd like to help you be more organized and more prompt for appointments.

Our undated blank appointment notebook is not only ideal for plotting appointments, but can also be used to record daily plans and tasks. Now, you can keep track of meeting, block time for errands and keep appointments on time.

With 104 pages, there are 6 columns with appointment times from 7AM to 9PM in 15 minute increments, you will be able to create a detailed schedule of your full day. At the back, a contact section is also included to write client contact details.

You'll appreciate our notebook even more with these features and benefits:

VERSATILE USE - Whether you are a freelancer for different clients needing to track hours, a business owner with a hectic schedule to maintain, a student or simply because you want to be more organized, this is the perfect appointment book for you USEFUL & CONVENIENT - You can't beat a book like this. It doesn't need batteries, doesn't take you time to log in and you can take it to the beach even. You can keep track of your schedule anywhere, anytime.A NOTEBOOK BUILT TO LAST- The sturdy cover is made of tough paperback with strong, secure professional trade binding so the pages won't fall out after a few months of use.WELL-CRAFTED INTERIOR- We used only thick, white paper to avoid ink bleed-through. The columns are clearly marked to make an appointment time / date very easy to cross reference.PERFECT SIZE- With its 8.5" x 11" dimensions, you can squeeze it into a bag with ease. It's easier to transport, the perfect size- easy to carry COOL COVERS - To top it all, we have an array of cover designs for you to choose from. Get inspired by our collection of truly creative book covers.

We stand for quality and aim to provide the best writing experience with our notebooks. Get this appointment book, the perfect tool to help you manage schedules and appointments. Grab a copy today