Attain Peak Running Through Cross-Training: How to Train Smarter to Become a Better Runner & Balanced Individual heftetEngelsk, 2019


Reaching peak performance has been studied by exercise physiologists and sports psychologists for years. It involves both physical and mental preparation. In this must-read book, author Ben Mueller diverges into the science behind improving running through utilizing training, recovery, and nutrition. The book blends the science behind improving as a runner with workout strategies and techniques to enhance recovery.

What makes "Attain Peak Running" unique is its approach to challenging the body through combining running with other cross-training activities in "combo workouts." These workouts allow athletes to build their running fitness with significantly less risk of injury.

There is no fitness or running book like "Attain Peak Running Through Cross-Training" Readers will walk away with effective strategies to become fitter and stronger runners.

Foreword by ultramarathon champion Roy Pirrug.