Angeles Llamando a tu Puerta: Un libro para niños... y adultos heftetSpansk, 2019


"Angeles llamando a tu Puerta" is a profound, illustrated book on Angels, written with a simple and tender language, for children to love and understand, though containing the investigation and depth that adults will appreciate and admire. That is why the author states that "it is a book that adults should read to children"; or a "book for children...and adults". The author approaches the issue from various perspectives. Starting with a personal tale on why this subject called her attention, she explains who Angels are, how they move and communicate, their hierarchies, and other matters of interest. She selects stories from the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament where angels become the main or relevant characters. She describes the role of angels in Judaism and Islam, these chapters having been reviewed by a Jewish Rabbi and the Ministry of Culture for Islam Studies in Argentina. Other stories about angels with respect to certain renowned characters are told. Personal testimonies of angelic experiences are described. The author also tells her own personal experiences with angels. Finally, poems, songs and prayers are included. The novelty of this book is its creative, holistic and ecumenical approach. It may not necessarily be described as a Religious, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or New Age book, but rather as an Ecumenical, Spiritual and global book. The idea is to show how angels have accompanied humanity irrespective of beliefs and creeds.