Alexander Hamilton - Illustrated and Annotated heftetEngelsk, 2015


The book Alexander Hamilton by Charles A. Conant was originally published in 1901. The annotated and illustrated version contains in addition to the original work:
- An Introduction to the book.
- Numerous illustrations and maps to help tell the story of Alexander Hamilton.
- A brief biography of the author Charles A. Conant.
Alexander Hamilton was truly an amazing man. He started from humble beginnings on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea. He was orphaned at thirteen, became an apprentice at a counting house, and found his way to the English colony of America for formal education. From these humble beginnings, he would rise to be the top aid of General Washington during the Revolutionary War, represent the state of New York as a delegate at the Constitutional Convention, and become the first Secretary of the Treasury for the fledgling United States of America. His untimely and violent death would draw his life to a close, but his legacy lives on.
Come and be a part of the life and times of this accomplished American.