Advanced Genetic Counseling heftetEngelsk, 2019


A CRITICAL NEW APPROACH FOR LEARNING AND THRIVING IN A FIELD OF CHANGEThe scope and responsibilities of today's genetic counselors exceed the reasonable capacity of any one educational resource. While the field's first-year curriculum may be relatively fixed, the landscape of what comes after that - a dizzying mix of practice, ethics, research design, and professional competencies - is increasingly broad. Advanced Genetic Counseling offers an overdue extension of the field's core curriculum. From navigating ethical dilemmas and potential conflicts of interest to confronting the biases and patterns of thought that can limit counselors' interactions with clients, it prepares readers to face the profession's most challenging aspects with confidence. Drawing on techniques from psychotherapy, social psychology, and health behavior, Advanced Genetic Counseling is an essential resource for trainees and mid-career professionals. It offers a roadmap not just for addressing client needs, but for the future of genetic counseling education.