400 Numbricks Puzzles 9 X 9 Hard + Bonus 250 Labyrinth 25 X 25: Sudoku with Hard Levels Puzzles and a Labyrinth Very Hard Levels heftetEngelsk, 2018


400 amusing Numbricks classic puzzles + bonus in 250 Labyrinth 25 x 25 very difficult levels (bonus puzzles need to be downloaded and printed). The way to mastery of Sudoku 400 unique Sudoku puzzles. Fitness for your brain. Original Sudoku for the power of your brain. Just tested puzzles. Answers at the end of the book. All riddles have only one proven solution. Good mind support in the excellent form. Develops memory, logical thinking, helps to focus. Creative possibilities expand. Ideal gift for all fans of puzzles. Numbricks puzzle may be called or searched with the following phrases or names: numbricks, numbricks hard, numbrick, numbrick hard, numbriskc, numbriskc hard, numbrisk, numbrisk hard, numbrick puzzle, numbrick game, numbrick logic, numbrick sudoku, numbricks puzzle, numbricks game, numbricks logic, numbricks sudoku, numriskc puzzle, numriskc game, numriskc logic, numriskc sudoku, numrisk puzzle, numrisk game, numrisk logic, numrisk sudoku, numrich, numrich parts, brain teasers for adult, brain games for adults, hard puzzles to solve, numrich stock, daily logic puzzle, brain puzzles, numerical, brain teaser puzzles for adults, mind puzzles for adults, brain puzzles for adults, hard to solve puzzles, numerichs, puzzles hard to solve, numerch, nucanoe, hidato puzzle, nursery, hidato solver, sudoku, nuance, hidato book, hidato, numbers, hidato puzzle books, numrich, nurture, numero, numeral, hidato puzzle solver, nutmeat, hidato answers, daily hidato, legends of yore, play hidato, hidato rules, hidato game, nubrain, hanayama, beehive hidato, hidoku puzzles, hidato challenge answers, how to play hidato, happy creatures, numbrex, hidoku solver, hidato challenge. A great book for free time and studying the mind. I hope you enjoy the book. I would really appreciate it if you write a review. Best regards, Basford Holmes