250 Medium to Hard Sudoku X 6x6: Sudoku Puzzle Book for Adults heftetEngelsk, 2019


Sometimes classic also means superior.

Sudoku X is a favorite pastime of many people the whole world over. In the years since the puzzles first reached monumental popularity, many puzzle makers have tried to experiment with and push the genre forward, crafting puzzles that are different and unique and that redefine what a sudoku puzzle can be. Among sudoku puzzle books, you will find plenty of variety, plenty of Sudoku X books for adults that you can turn to for a fresh experience. Sometimes, however, you just want the Sudoku X puzzle, something reminiscent of the sudoku puzzles you first did when you were falling in love with sudoku itself. What's wrong with the classics, right?

If you are someone who has looked back fondly on the sudoku puzzles of years gone by, then Sudoku X Puzzles is the sudoku book for you. You can look back on all the wonderful hours you have spent playing the sudoku puzzles that you enjoy the most, the ones that are not quite simple but that are also never convoluted. The Sudoku X puzzles that you enjoy are the ones that don't feel the need to distract you with flair or fireworks. You want sudoku puzzles that are comfortable with their own straightforwardness We are right there with you, right there filling in numbers, right there plotting out moves, and we want you to know that we have created this book because we share your passion for great Sudoku X puzzles.

This is the Sudoku X puzzle book you have been searching for, a true-blue classic filled with new puzzles. Get solving

  • The handy size means you can carry your book wherever you roam.
  • Puzzles are pre-checked to eliminate error potential.

Other names that are searched for Sudoku: soduko, suduko.