18th & M pocketEngelsk, 2009


Is there a vigilante on the Metropolitan Police Department? Who is playing avenger and cleaning up the streets of violent offenders and predators that slipped through the criminal justice system? Meet Antonio Briscoe, a highly intelligent, over achiever and police officer who is tired of seeing the system fail, one criminal after another. Briscoe takes justice into his own hands in the new novel 18th & M. But is he protecting the Washington, D.C. community or has he lost perspective? Will he get caught or will his special training and military background keep him flying under the radar? This captivating novel is energetic and suspenseful, a "movie-like" read that delves into the life and mind of Briscoe, as well as the criminal justice system. Page after page, you learn Briscoe is more than a police officer - he is a weapons specialist with special ops training and is haunted by horrific images of the evil he has done. Author Derek Brooks is currently a professor of criminal justice, who worked as a police officer for 11 years. His past experience on the force brings a sense of credibility and life to this novel. He wrote 18th & M while deployed in Iraq for nearly a year and a half, where he advised and mentored Iraqi police.