DNA Computing and Molecular Programming
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  • Utgitt: 200912
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DNA Computing and Molecular Programming



The 15th International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular P- gramming was held during June 8-11, 2009 on the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR. The conference attracts researchers from d- parate disciplines in science and technology to foster interdisciplinary research into the molecular-scale manipulation of matter. In particular, implementation ofnanoscalecomputation andprogrammedassemblyof materialsareofinterest. Papersat the conference typically are a mix of experimentaland theoreticalp- sentations. Theconferenceis heldunder theauspicesoftheInternationalSociety for Nanoscale Science, Computation, and Engineering (ISNSCE). The DNA15 Program Committee received 38 paper submissions, of which 20 were accepted for oral presentation and 10 for poster presentation. The meeting was attended by 68 registered participants, which included 36 students. This volume contains 16 papers selected from contributed oral presentations. Thisyear"MolecularProgramming"wasaddedto thetitle of the conference, which re?ects a broader scope beyond DNA-based nanotechnology and com- tation. This was evident in the range of invited talks at the conference.Tu- rials on"Computer Science for (not only) Molecular Biologists" by Wing-Ning Li (University of Arkansas), "Structural DNA Nanotechnology" by John Reif (Duke University), and "Autonomous Molecular Computing and Robotics" by MilanStojanovic(Columbia University)were presentedonthe ?rstday. Ons- sequentdays,inadditiontothecontributedtalksandposters,plenarytalkswere given by James Aspnes (Yale University) on "Population Protocols," Reinhard Laubenbacher (Virginia Tech) on "Discrete Model of Gene Regulation in N- works," David Leigh (University of Edinburgh) on "Synthetic Motors and - chines," Kenichi Morita (Hiroshima University) on "Computation in Reversible Cellular Automata," and Itamar Willner on "Programmed DNA assemblies for Machinery, Logic Gates, and Computing Applications.

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