Knack Knots You Need
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  • Utgitt: 200809
  • Antall sider: 207
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  • ISBN10:1599213958
  • ISBN13:9781599213958

Knack Knots You Need


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Untie the mystery of knot-making with this clever and handy guide. This new compendium presents all the knots you need to know, with brightly colored photographs enabling you to easily follow the instructions. In addition, the book includes copious information on using knots in most popular activities. With its clear step-by-step instructions and friendly tone, this is the one volume you can count on to guide you toward quick success in knot-making. Key features of "Knack Knots You Need" include: step-by-step instructions for all knots; colorful, brand-new, easy-to-follow photography; knots for camping, boating, climbing, fishing, decorative projects, and more; and "Knots in Action" photo gallery, showing how the knots are used. Get the knack! Visually organized format makes information easier-than-ever to find. The book contains more than 400 color photos to simplify the techniques; big book, layflat binding and clear instructions; and, a Big Resource chapter with useful websites.

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