Men's Health the Book of Muscle: The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your Body
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Men's Health the Book of Muscle: The World's Most Authoritative Guide to Building Your Body

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Men's Health The Book of Muscle by Lou Schuler and Ian King is the World's Most AUTHORITATIVE Guide to Building Your Body
You probably know a lot about building muscle. You know which curl is the best for your biceps, you do every possible exercise for your abdominals, and your 20-set bench-press routine is the envy of everyone in the gym. So why haven't you gotten the results you want?
This book has the answer. In fact, it probably answers every question you've ever asked about how your muscles work: What makes them grow? What makes them show? Why didn't that champion bodybuilder's routine work for you?
But "The Book of Muscle" does more than just explain how your muscles work. It also gives you comprehensive muscle-building programs from a world-class trainer.
Ian King has spent 2 decades as strength coach to world-champion and Olympic athletes. He is in wide demand as a lecturer on athletic preparation and physique development, and he is a popular contributor to "Men's Health" magazine and, the most popular bodybuilding Web site on the planet. Now, for the first time, he brings his extraordinary knowledge and unique muscle-building systems to a book meant for regular guys who like to work out and want to see better results than they've gotten from conventional programs.
Here's what you get from "The Book of Muscle" that you can't get from any other book:
Three complete 6-month, progressive workout programs created by Ian King to optimize muscle growth by juxtaposing opposing muscle actions
Ian King's revolutionary training-age system to help you determine which program is right for you
Complete abdominal training that ensures you'll not only get that coveted six-pack but also develop the muscles that prevent injuries and produce better performance on the field--any field
Vital advice on warming up, stretching, and recovering between workouts
The latest and best information on how you need to eat to make your muscles grow
If you've never before bought a workout book, this should be your first. And if you've tried all the others, this is the one that finally delivers everything you have ever wanted to know but couldn't find in one place.

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    En helt perfekt bok för alla oss som vill vara vältränade, men inte gillar fusk, steroider och hellre kallar det fitness än bodybuilding. Boken innehåller massa fakta om träning, mat och muskler och 3 bra och varierade 6-månaders träningsprogram som ger garanterade resultat. Om du är intresserad att på lite längre sikt bygga din hälsa är det boken för dig, men du måste orka hålla på minst 6 månader! Jag ökade min bänkpress från 65 kg till 85 kg, gick från 0 till 6 pullups och ökade benböjen med 25%! Lycka till!

    av Anders 43 år, kraftigt på gång:-), 02.08.2005

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