Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence
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  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Utgitt: 200901
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  • ISBN10:1561719226
  • ISBN13:9781561719228

Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence


Endorsed by many highly placed intelligence & government sources, this book reveals the frightening truth:
- That the CIA and NSA possess files revealing their complicity in the assassination plot, and surveillance tapes revealing that Diana was pregnant with Dodi Fayed's child;
- That two secret letters written by Diana just before her death reveal her knowledge of the Royal Family's vested interests in Angola, and that her landmines campaign in that country threatened to expose those interests and other 'arms-for-oil' trade-offs involving the Bush-Cheney oil syndicate;
- That French 'paparazzo' James Andanson, owner of the Fiat Uno acknowledged by the French investigation team to have caused the crash, was murdered.
- How both Secret Services favored the 'traffic accident' as a deniable means of assassination; how this same method had been successful in previous 'deniable ops'; how the crash evidence was methodically suppressed, as was the info. on: the conspirators who planned, carried out and covered up this operation;
- How chauffeur Henri Paul worked for M16; how his blood sample--which underpins the 'drunk-driver accident' theory--was switched; and how all TV cameras at the crash scene were mysteriously turned off; - This controversial work is already headline news in Britain, And the Butler Scandal is keeping it hot.
- Many of the new points raised here have been confirmed in formar butler, Paul Burrell's new book, A Royal Dut/
- Diana's suspicious death is Britain's equivalent to the UFK assassination'. This is the 1st investigative title on the subject.
- The first & most credible book to challenge the Establishment's version of events, and topresent new evidence of a high-level conspiracy to assassinate Diana.
- Packed with previously unknown info including: interviews with senior government intelligence & security staffs, as well as inside info on the involvement of M16 & the CIA.
- Reveals Diana's private war with the Royal Family; her brave fight to out maneuver the British Royal Establishment; her dangerous attempt to restructure the British Monarchy, and her equally dangerous attempt to make Prince William king ahead of Charles.
- The 1st book to uncover the truth on: Diana's landmines campaign and how she threatened to expose the Crown's vested interests; how she convinced pres. Clinton to defy the military-industrial complex and sign the Landmines Treaty. These actions resulted in her being feared as a loose cannon by the British Intelligence Services.
- 95% of the readers of Britian's biggest Sunday paper "The People," belive Diana was murdered.

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