• Format: Pocket
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Utgitt: 200910
  • Antall sider: 198
  • Opplag: 4, 
    Vekt i gram: 154
  • ISBN10:0596158084
  • ISBN13:9780596158088



This is the book to reach for when you're coding on the fly and need an answer "now." It's an easy-to-use reference to the core language, with descriptions of commonly used modules and toolkits, and a guide to recent changes, new features, and upgraded built-ins -- all updated to cover Python 3.X as well as version 2.6. You'll also quickly find exactly what you need with the handy index.

Written by Mark Lutz -- widely recognized as the world's leading Python trainer -- "Python Pocket Reference," Fourth Edition, is the perfect companion to O'Reilly's classic Python tutorials, also written by Mark: "Learning Python" and "Programming Python." Built-in object types, including numbers, lists, dictionaries, and more Statements and syntax for creating and processing objects Functions and modules for structuring and reusing code Python's object-oriented programming tools The exception-handling model Built-in functions, exceptions, and attributes Special operator overloading methods Widely used standard library modules and extensions Command-line options and development tools Python idioms and hints

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