Why We Disagree About Climate Change
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Why We Disagree About Climate Change

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Climate change is not ‘a problem’ waiting for ‘a solution’. It is an environmental, cultural and political phenomenon which is re-shaping the way we think about ourselves, our societies and humanity’s place on Earth. Drawing upon twenty-five years of professional work as an international climate change scientist and public commentator, Mike Hulme provides a unique insider’s account of the emergence of this phenomenon and the diverse ways in which it is understood. He uses different standpoints from science, economics, faith, psychology, communication, sociology, politics and development to explain why we disagree about climate change. In this way he shows that climate change, far from being simply an ‘issue’ or a ‘threat’, can act as a catalyst to revise our perception of our place in the world. Why We Disagree About Climate Change is an important contribution to the ongoing debate over climate change and its likely impact on our lives.

• Examines climate change from many different disciplinary perspectives to help the reader develop a more comprehensive understanding of what climate change is and what it means to us • Provides a unique insider perspective from one of the leading figures in the UK climate change community • Each chapter contains case studies drawn from around the world as well as suggestions for further reading


List of figures; List of tables; List of boxes; Acknowledgements; Preface; Foreword Steve Rayner; 1. The social meanings of climate; 2. The discovery of climate change; 3. The performance of science; 4. The endowment of value; 5. The things we believe; 6. The things we fear; 7. The communication of risk; 8. The challenges of development; 9. The way we govern; 10. Beyond climate change; Bibliography; Index.

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