The Big Win: Learning from the Legends to Become a More Successful Investor
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  • Utgitt: 201205
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The Big Win: Learning from the Legends to Become a More Successful Investor


A rousing and practical look at the extremely successful investments of top investors

In his first book, "The Billion Dollar Mistake," author Stephen L. Weiss showcased the biggest blunders of some of the world's legendary investors--which lost them billions of dollars on a single investment. Incredibly, the mistakes they made were the same mistakes made by everyday investors but for the magnitude of the loss.

Weiss's second book, "The Big Win: Learning from the Legends to Become a More Successful Investor," highlights financial successes, explaining how the world's most successful investors make a fortune and how you can do the same. As with the missteps Weiss profiled in his first book, the strategies used by these legendary investors are available to all, regardless of size or sophistication.Profiles legendary investors and highlights their investment strategies--from finding the right investment to researching to making a moveProbes each investor's personality and questions their investment thinkingIdentifies and describes each investor's "big win" and why it became their most successful investment

"The Big Win" is a primer on successful investing the way it is really done by the people who do it for a living--passionately and with extraordinary success. "The Billion Dollar Mistake" told readers what "not" to do to get rich; "The Big Win" shows readers how to do it right for the payoff of their lives.

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