Mixing Audio
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Mixing Audio

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Your mix can make or break a record, and mixing is an essential catalyst for a record deal. Professional engineers with exceptional mixing skills can earn vast amounts of money and find that they are in demand by the biggest acts. To develop such skills, you need to master both the art and science of mixing. The new edition of this bestselling book offers all you need to know and put into practice in order to improve your mixes. Covering the entire process --from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques -- and offering a multitude of audio samples, tips and tricks, this book has it all. Roey Izhaki teaches you the importance of a mixing vision, how to craft and evaluate your mix and then take it a step further. He describes the theory and the tools used and how these are put into practice while creating mixes. Packed full of photos, graphs, diagrams and audio samples, Mixing Audio is a vital read for anyone wanting to succeed in the field of mixing.New to this edition: * Multitracks provided to help practice mixing * Fully updated with current plug-in and software version and information * Companion website with a multitude of new samples including more macro-mixing samples * A new sample mix: Rock n' Roll

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