Wireless Mobility
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Wireless Mobility


This title offers comprehensive answers to the 'Why' of Wireless Mobility. In this unique guide, Cisco wireless expert Neil Reid incorporates best practices from some of the most complex and challenging wireless deployments in the industry and provides an insider's view of the 'why' of wireless mobility. The book discusses the critical need for today's wireless networks and how these systems are integral to education, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. Wireless Mobility looks beyond the technology and costs of wireless implementations, focusing on the long-term strategic advantages enabled by wireless mobile networks.Coverage includes: how wireless networks are used to derive maximum value from business operations; insights on the value of mobility from a CIO's perspective; the essential role of wireless mobility in enabling virtualization; value propositions of wireless mobility in education and healthcare; how wireless network assessments and IT mobility investments resolve critical business operational issues; using Optimal Project Sequencing to maximize value and reduce network deployments and maintenance costs; implementing finance strategies that maximize cash flow; system integrator growth and mobility practice resilience; best practices for today's wireless deployments that enable next-generation mobility deployments; wireless mobility and intelligent buildings; and, ten key future trends in the wireless mobility industry.

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