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Life Strategies for Teens

av Jay McGraw


av Madeleine George
Life Strategies for Teens

Aiming to make the transition to adulthood easier, this is a guide to Jay McGraw's Ten Laws of Life for teenagers. It deals with issues of popularity, peer pressure, ambition an…


Despite her massive size, Meghan Ball is the most invisible person at Valley Regional High. People say things in front of her as if she doesn't exist. And most of the time, she …

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The Complete Presentation Skills Handbook
Manners Can be Fun
It's Okay to Be Different
The Complete Presentation Skills Handbo... av Suzy SiddonsHoles av Louis SacharManners Can be Fun av Munro LeafIt's Okay to Be Different av Todd Parr
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All Dogs Have ADHD
It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living
Blame My Brain
My Princess Boy
All Dogs Have ADHD av Kathy HoopmannIt Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming... av Dan SavageBlame My Brain av Nicola MorganMy Princess Boy av Cheryl Kilodavis
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    Milton's Secret av Eckhart Tolle
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    Boy Meets Boy av David Levithan
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    A Young Woman's Walk with God av Elizabeth George
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    Holes av Louis Sachar
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