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The Beginner's Guide to Bonsai

The Beginner's Guide to Bonsai

av Ken Norman

How to create and maintain beautiful miniature trees and shrubs, shown in more than 230 step-by-step photographs. You can find out which plants are suitable for growing and trai…

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101 Essential Tips: Bonsai

av Harry Tomlinson

The Bonsai Workshop

av Herb L. Gustafson
101 Essential Tips: Bonsai

Breaks down key information on cultivating bonsai into 101 easy-to-grasp tips and gives quick answers to all your questions.

The Bonsai Workshop

"For the beginning to intermediate bonsai enthusiast, outlining in straightforward fashion the essentials of the care, creation, and display of these lovely miniature…

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    The Mini Bonsai Kit av Robert King
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