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Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises

av Roger Sessions

Service-oriented Architecture

av Thomas Erl
Simple Architectures for Complex Enterprises

Dismantle the overwhelming complexity in your IT projects with strategies and real-world examples from a leading expert on enterprise architecture. This guide describes best pra…

Service-oriented Architecture

This is a comprehensive tutorial that teaches fundamental and advanced SOA design principles, supplemented with detailed case studies and technologies used to implement SOAs in …

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Documenting Software Architectures
Mpls and Vpn Architectures
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside Out: Mailbox and High Availability
SOA With REST av Thomas ErlDocumenting Software Architectures av Paul ClementsMpls and Vpn Architectures av Jim GuichardMicrosoft Exchange Server 2013 Inside O... av Tony Redmond
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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
CUDA by Example
Parallel Programming
Service-Oriented Architecture
Patterns of Enterprise Application Arch... av Martin FowlerCUDA by Example av Jason SandersParallel Programming av Barry WilkinsonService-Oriented Architecture av Thomas Erl
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    Spring Batch in Action av Arnaud Cogoluegnes
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    Passing Your ITIL Foundation Exam av Stationery Office (U.k.)
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    Some Assembly Required av Timothy S. Margush
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    Systems Engineering av Richard Stevens
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    Learning NServiceBus av David Boike
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    Raspberry Pi Projects av Andrew Robinson
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