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Wireless Communications

av Theodore S. Rappaport

Software Radio

av Jeffrey H. Reed
Wireless Communications

For cellular radio engineers and technicians. The leading book on wireless communications offers a wealth of practical information on the implementation realities of wireless co…

Software Radio

Appropriate for all courses in radio design/engineering. Students with an electrical engineering background in basic circuit analysis, computer architecture, and communications …

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Wireless Communications
Practical RF System Design
The Cellular Radio Handbook: A Reference for Cellular System Operation, 4th
Ultra Wideband Wireless Communication
Wireless Communications av Andrea J. GoldsmithPractical RF System Design av William F. EganThe Cellular Radio Handbook: A Referenc... av Neil J. BoucherUltra Wideband Wireless Communication av Huseyin Arslan
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Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks
Digital Communication Receivers, Volume 2, Synchronization, Channel Estimat
Radio Frequency Circuit Design
Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks
Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks av Yi-Bing LinDigital Communication Receivers, Volume... av Heinrich MeyrRadio Frequency Circuit Design av W. Alan DavisNext Generation Wireless Systems and Ne... av Hsiao-Hwa Chen
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  1. 987,-
    Rf Circuit Design av Reinhold Ludwig
  2. 838,-
    Umts Security av Valtteri Niemi
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    Software Radio av Jeffrey H. Reed
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    Wireless Information Networks av Kaveh Pahlavan
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    Wireless Communications av Andrea J. Goldsmith
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