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Energy, the Subtle Concept

av Jennifer Coopersmith

Electricity & Controls for HVAC/R

av Stephen L. Herman
Energy, the Subtle Concept

Energy is at the heart of physics (and of huge importance to society) and yet no book exists specifically to explain it, and in simple terms. In tracking the history of energy, …

Electricity & Controls for HVAC/R

Offering the most up-to-date coverage available, Electricity And Controls For HVAC-R, 7e emphasizes the basics as it equips readers with the information needed to work effective…

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Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Processing Using Matlab 5
Introduction to Spectral Analysis
Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing
The Atmel AVR Microcontroller
Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Pro... av James H. McClellanIntroduction to Spectral Analysis av Petre StoicaFundamentals of Statistical Signal Proc... av Steven M. KayThe Atmel AVR Microcontroller av Han-Way Huang
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System Identification
Embedded C Programming And the Atmel AVR
Array Signal Processing
The Age of Radiance
System Identification av Lennart LjungEmbedded C Programming And the Atmel AVR av Richard H. BarnettArray Signal Processing av Don H. JohnsonThe Age of Radiance av Craig Nelson
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    Robust Adaptive Control av Petros A. Ioannou
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    Black & Decker Advanced Home Wiring av Creative Publishing (COR)
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    Radar Handbook av Merrill Ivan Skolnik
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    Power Systems Analysis av Hadi Saadat
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    Renewable Energy av Godfrey Boyle
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