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PID Control

av Finn Haugen

Autodesk Inventor 2012 Essentials Plus

av Daniel T. Banach
PID Control

This book describes how to control variables of physical dynamic systems -- as level, temperature, pressure, speed, and position -- using the PID controller. (PID = proportional…

Autodesk Inventor 2012 Essentials Plus

Updated for use with latest version of Autodesk(R) Inventor(R) software, AUTODESK(R) INVENTOR(R) 2012 ESSENTIALS PLUS demonstrates critical CAD concepts, from basic sketching an…

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Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
The Successful Internship
Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing
Quality Concepts for the Process Industry
Mechatronics: Electronic Control System... av W. BoltonThe Successful Internship av H. Frederick SweitzerFundamentals of Statistical Signal Proc... av Steven M. KayQuality Concepts for the Process Indust... av Michael Speegle
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Advanced Mechanics of Materials
Dislocations, Mesoscale Simulations and Plastic Flow
Mechanics of Materials
Mathematical Topics in Fluid Mechanics
Advanced Mechanics of Materials av Arthur P. BoresiDislocations, Mesoscale Simulations and... av Ladislas P. KubinMechanics of Materials av James M. GereMathematical Topics in Fluid Mechanics av Pierre-Louis Lions
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    Viscous Fluid Flow av Frank M. White
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    Advanced Control Engineering av Roland S. Burns
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    Fluid Mechanics av John F. Douglass
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    Mechanical Metallurgy av Geroge Dieter
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