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Synthesis of Inorganic Materials

av Ulrich Schubert


av Peter Atkins
Synthesis of Inorganic Materials

Due to their use and importance in many fields, a great deal of research focuses on developing inorganic materials. For example, a computer contains many types of inorganic mate…


Through an innovative, closely integrated design of images and text, and his characteristically clear, precise, and economical exposition, Peter Atkins explains the processes in…

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Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Student's Solutions Manual to Accompany Atkins' Physical Chemistry
Renormalization Methods
Solutions Manual to Accompany Elements of Physical Chemistry
Nuclear and Radiochemistry av Jens-volker KratzStudent's Solutions Manual to Accompany... av Charles TrappRenormalization Methods av William David McCombSolutions Manual to Accompany Elements... av David Smith
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Symmetry Relationships Between Crystal Structures
Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Molecular Simulation
Structure and Dynamics
Elements of Physical Chemistry
Symmetry Relationships Between Crystal... av Ulrich MullerStatistical Mechanics: Theory and Molec... av Mark TuckermanStructure and Dynamics av Martin T. DoveElements of Physical Chemistry av Peter Atkins
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  1. 455,-
    Atkins' Physical Chemistry av Peter Atkins
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    Molecular Modelling av Andrew R. Leach
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    Energy Storage av Robert A. Huggins
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  6. 291,-
    Solid State Chemistry av Lesley E. Smart
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    Modern Quantum Chemistry av Attila Szabo
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    New Brewing Lager Beer av Gregory J. Noonan
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    Supramolecular Chemistry av Jonathan W. Steed
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