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Soft Condensed Matter

av Richard A. L. Jones

Evolution of Networks

av S.N. Dorogovtsev
Soft Condensed Matter

Offers a coherent introduction to the properties and behaviour of soft matter. This title includes colloids, polymers, liquid crystals, and amphiphiles. It is suitable for advan…

Evolution of Networks

We live in a world of networks, where everything is amazingly close to everything else. The notion of 'network' turns out to be central to our times: the Internet and WWW are ch…

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Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems
The Immunoassay Handbook
Biophysics for Dummies
Fundamentals of Protein NMR Spectroscopy
Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems av Thomas M. NordlundThe Immunoassay Handbook av David WildBiophysics for Dummies av Ken VosFundamentals of Protein NMR Spectroscopy av Gordon Rule
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Physics in Mind
Biomechanics of the Musculo-skeletal System , 3rd Edition
Biophysics: An Introduction
The Electron Capture Detector and the Study of Reactions with Thermal Electrons
Physics in Mind av Werner R. LoewensteinBiomechanics of the Musculo-skeletal Sy... av Benno M. NiggBiophysics: An Introduction av Rodney M. J. CotterillThe Electron Capture Detector and the S... av E. C. M. Chen
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  1. 458,-
    Science And Practice of Strength Training av Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky
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    Living Rainbow H2O av Mae-Wan Ho
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    Evolution of Networks av S.N. Dorogovtsev
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    Life's Ratchet av Peter M. Hoffmann
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    The Spark of Life av Frances Ashcroft
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