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Energy, the Subtle Concept

av Jennifer Coopersmith

Arming Mother Nature

av Jacob Darwin Hamblin
Energy, the Subtle Concept

Energy is at the heart of physics (and of huge importance to society) and yet no book exists specifically to explain it, and in simple terms. In tracking the history of energy, …

Arming Mother Nature

Famines. Diseases. Natural catastrophes. In 1945, scientists imagined these as the future faces of war. The United States and its allies prepared for a global struggle against t…

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Heisenberg Probably Slept Hear
1001 Inventions
Darwin: A Very Short Introduction
Heisenberg Probably Slept Hear av Richard P. BrennanComplexity av Melanie Mitchell1001 Inventions av National GeographicDarwin: A Very Short Introduction av Jonathan Howard
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Alfred Russel Wallace
Michael Faraday: A Very Short Introduction
Early Days of X-Ray Crystallography
Melanie Klein
Alfred Russel Wallace av John Van WyheMichael Faraday: A Very Short Introduct... av Frank A. J. L. JamesEarly Days of X-Ray Crystallography av Andre AuthierMelanie Klein av Julia Kristeva
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  1. 95,-
    The Scientific Revolution av Steven Shapin
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    Making Modern Science av Peter J. Bowler
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    Leonardo to the Internet av Thomas J. Misa
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    The Golem av Harry M. Collins
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    The Selfish Gene av Richard Dawkins
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    Hunting the 1918 Flu av Kirsty E. Duncan
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    Neuroscience av Mitchell Glickstein
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    Never at Rest av Richard S. Westfall
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    The Pluto Files av Neil deGrasse Tyson
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