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Yoga for Osteoporosis

av Loren Fishman

Greenman's Principles of Manual Medicine

av Lisa DeStefano
Yoga for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis leads to painful fractures due to loss of bone mass; yoga strengthens bones without endangering joints: it stands to reason that yoga is the perfect therapy for ost…

Greenman's Principles of Manual Medicine

"Greenman's Principles of Manual Medicine" has been fully updated and expanded for its Fourth Edition. This practical guide covers the foundations of manual medicine as well as …

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The 5-minute Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Consult
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The Skeletal System Anatomical Chart
Vertebral Column Chart
The 5-minute Osteopathic Manipulative M... av Millicent King ChannellTillämpad muskeltestning av Aron BrannerThe Skeletal System Anatomical Chart Vertebral Column Chart av Not Available (NA)
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Osteotomies Around the Knee
Pediatric Chiropractic
The Theory of Synergetic Spinal Mechanics and Ppt Manipulation - Edition 2
Visceral and Obstetric Osteopathy
Osteotomies Around the Knee av Philipp LobenhofferPediatric Chiropractic av Claudia AnrigThe Theory of Synergetic Spinal Mechani... av J R BaylissVisceral and Obstetric Osteopathy av Caroline A. Stone
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  1. 745,-
    Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine av American Osteopathic Association
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    Grieve's Modern Manual Therapy av Jeffrey D. Boyling
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    Visceral and Obstetric Osteopathy av Caroline A. Stone
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    Yoga for Osteoporosis av Loren Fishman
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    Electrotherapy Explained av Val, Ph.D. Robertson
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