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Medical Illuminations

av Howard Wainer

The Great Starvation Experiment

av Todd Tucker
Medical Illuminations

Is it sensible to screen for breast or prostate cancer? Should the locations of cancer clusters be made available to the general public? When a doctor wants to perform major sur…

The Great Starvation Experiment

An account of a six-month, late-World War II experiment on thirty-six American conscientious objectors assigned to the Civilian Public Service corps traces how Dr. Ancel Keys, t…

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Understanding and Using Health Experiences
Testing Treatments
An Introduction to Medical Statistics
Qualitative Research Methods
Understanding and Using Health Experien... av Sue ZieblandTesting Treatments av Imogen EvansAn Introduction to Medical Statistics av Martin BlandQualitative Research Methods av Pranee Liamputtong
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Den odödliga Henrietta Lacks
Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
Den odödliga Henrietta Lacks
Research in psychiatry and related fields : principles of problem selection, methods, results, reading the literature, and grant writing
Den odödliga Henrietta Lacks av Rebecca SklootGuide for the Care and Use of Laborator... av National Research Council (U. S.)Den odödliga Henrietta Lacks av Rebecca SklootResearch in psychiatry and related fiel... av Arthur Yuwiler
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    Statistics at Square One av Michael J. Campbell
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    Designing Clinical Research av Stephen B., M.D. Hulley
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    Making Sense of Factor Analysis av Marjorie A. Pett
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    Dmt av Rick, M.D. Strassman
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