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The Tech Contracts Handbook

av David W. Tollen

Textbook on Contract Law

av Jill Poole
The Tech Contracts Handbook

The Tech Contracts Handbookis a practical and accessible reference book and training manual on IT contracts.This isa clause-by-clause "how to" guide on software licenses and tec…

Textbook on Contract Law

Jill Poole's immensely popular Textbook on Contract Law has been guiding students through contract law for many years. The accessible writing style and focus on key principles a…

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Commercial Law
Mastering Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing
Partnership Law
The Common European Sales Law in Context
Commercial Law av Professor L.S. SealyMastering Anti-Money Laundering and Cou... av Tim ParkmanPartnership Law av Geoffrey MorseThe Common European Sales Law in Context
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Competition Law
Transnational Commercial Law
Fastighetsmäklaren : en vägledning
Aktiebolagets grundproblem
Competition Law av Richard WhishTransnational Commercial Law av Professor Sir Roy GoodeFastighetsmäklaren : en vägledning Aktiebolagets grundproblem
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  1. 458,-
    Transnational Commercial Law av Professor Sir Roy Goode
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  2. 349,-
    Competition Law av Richard Whish
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  3. 382,-
    Kjøpsrett av Roald Martinussen
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  5. 388,-
    Global Business Regulation av John Braithwaite
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  6. 556,-
    Carriage of Goods by Sea av John F. Wilson
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  8. 413,-
    Partnership Law av Geoffrey Morse
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    The Tech Contracts Handbook av David W. Tollen
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