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Religious Symbols in Public Functions

av Hana M. A. E. Van Ooijen

Public Administration in Transition

av Gunnar Gjelstrup
Religious Symbols in Public Functions

Religious symbols are loaded with meaning, not only for those who display them. They have generated controversy in many circles, be they religious or secular, public or private,…

Public Administration in Transition

Public administration has changed radically over the last 30 years in organizational forms, role perceptions, practice, and the relevant research questions. Skillfully mastered …

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Global Governance And Public Accountability
Public Administration
Nordic Capitalisms and Globalization
Global Governance And Public Accountabi... av David HeldPublic Administration av Jos C. N. RaadscheldersNordic Capitalisms and Globalization av Peer Hull KristensenGovernance av Mark Bevir
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Oxford Handbook of Governance
Public Management Reform
Lobbying in the European Union
The Oxford Handbook of Governance
Oxford Handbook of Governance av David Levi-FaurPublic Management Reform av Christopher PollittLobbying in the European Union av Heike KluverThe Oxford Handbook of Governance
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    Collaborating to Manage av Robert Agranoff
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    Evidence-based Policy av Nancy Cartwright
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    Governance av Mark Bevir
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  7. 240,-
    The Art of Public Strategy av Geoff Mulgan
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    Oxford Handbook of Governance av David Levi-Faur
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